Blushberrie is a one stop shop that offers printables for parties, home and life. We help you organize your life's special moments by making it even more worthwhile. We provide high quality printables for your dailies and special celebrations here and there. In Blushberrie, we believe that celebrating life is the greatest blessing we all have. After all, life isn't meant just to be lived but to be celebrated as well. So, let's go! We are here for you along the way. Let's toss some confetti in the air, and let's celebrate!

Meet your party buddies


Nicole is our Marketing Office and she's in charge in getting our message out there. 


Erica makes sure that our designs are editable for users.


Jonash makes our work more efficient as he handles our process and our workflow.


Jeanie is the founder of Blushberrie. She is in the business for more than a decade already. Jeanieous Designs was the first business name she used in selling her printables back in 2010. Now, she was able to realize that designing printables is really her thing. She decided to take the big step and rebrand, that's where the birth of Blushberrie.