How to plan a Wizard Baby Shower

How to plan a Wizard Baby Shower

How to plan a Wizard Baby Shower

Have you been assigned, nominated or volunteered to plan a Wizard baby shower for your close friend or relative? Honestly, planning a baby shower requires some focus and some time. And it requires a little bit of work, of course it’s magical work. Remember that Wizard baby showers are meant to be magical and fun!

I hope this guide will make your planning an easy peasy task and help you to make the parents-to-be rave about it. Here are the most important things you need to consider in planning a Magical baby shower.

  1. Timing

Commonly, baby showers are held during the second trimester or into the third. Why? Because some of the mothers-to-be want to have a baby shower when it’s already obvious that a baby is actually on the way or mom-to-be’s belly is pretty big already. It’s the perfect time to throw a Wizard baby shower.

But here are some other factors to consider in planning a Wizard Baby Shower:

  • Consider the Guests

Without your wizard guests, the baby shower will not be as magical as you’ll imagine. So it’s also important to take them into consideration. Make sure that your guest will be there and will not attend other parties. But of course, if you enjoy the company of the people you’ve invited, and they care so much for the mom-to-be, they would make time for it.

  • Gifts and Shower Theme

Of course, if you decide to have a gender-specific baby shower, you may want first to wait for the ultrasound result of the mother-to-be. As a result, you would know what kind of Wizard theme you’re going to prepare and the guests would also be grateful that they know what kind of gift they would purchase. 

  1. Baby Shower Theme

Traditionally, a baby shower is celebrated in a plain blue and pink theme. Why not make it a magical and enchanted baby shower. Sounds exciting, right?

  1. Guest List and Invitation

One of the issues to deal with when planning a baby shower is who to invite? A good rule of thumb is to work with the parents-to-be as they know best regarding this matter. Once you’ve finalized the list with the parents-to-be, you can now send out the invitations. Make sure to do this at least two to three weeks in advance before the baby shower to give your guests a time to RSVP.

This Printable Wizard Baby Shower Guest list will help you finalize who will attend your baby shower.

Whether you’re expecting a little wizard or a tiny witch, this enchanted Baby Shower Invitation template is perfect for your Magical Baby Shower.

  1. Decorations

Now that you’ve decided on the wizard baby shower theme, don’t forget the decorations. You can use wizard crafts like floating candles,potion bottles, and mandrake plants to create the mood and ambiance of the party. Bear in mind that decorations don’t have to be overboard and  you don’t have to spend a lot of money. In fact your time in hosting the baby shower is priceless. And remember that the star of the shower will always be the new mom.

Here are some decorations you can use to add a perfectly magical atmosphere :





We also have wizard baby shower decoration ideas for you to throw your magical soiree ever:

  • Witch Hat

  • Photo Booth Frame Wizard

  • Wizards Porch Signs Magical Wizard Party Arrow Signs 

You can check this link for more wizard decoration ideas.

  1. Gifts and Registries

Gift Registry is one of the wonderful inventions because it provides a hassle-free shopping of gifts for wizard guests. And for the parents-to-be, they’ll be grateful to receive wizardly gifts.

But some people don’t want to have a Gift Registry because they don’t want to limit the range of things that their guests want to give them. 

Again, it’s important to discuss this with the mother-to-be what is her take on this. If ever they want an expensive item, you can suggest the guests to just group buy bigger items like a crib or a stroller. In this way people can stay within the budget limitations yet purchase what the parents want.

This Printable Wizard Baby Shower Guest Gift List will help you identify who brought a certain gift for you.

  1. Food

For a baby shower, it’s not typical to serve a full course meal. Instead, try making supernatural snacks. You can serve cookies, butterbeer, pumpkin pasties, Wand pretzels and other dishes.

  1. Games

Baby Shower is the best time to play and get together with family and friends, it should always be a magical blast. Baby Shower Games will help break the ice and get people laughing and engaging with one another.

Here are some of the editable games you can play:

  • Find the Guest Bingo
  • “Baby” Around the World
  • Baby Word Scramble
  • Baby or Beer Belly
  • Baby Traditions Around the World
  1. Gift Bag and Baby Shower Favors

Don’t forget to thank your guest for such a magical baby shower.

Gift Bags and Baby Shower Favors are your way of giving thanks to your family and friends who spend time celebrating the upcoming of your little wizard.

Here are some ideas for your wizard baby shower favors:

  • Magical Wizard Party Gift Bags


  • Witch Broom Ball pen and Wand Pencils 
  • Wizard Party Favors for 12 – Includes Cauldron, Glasses, and Lightning Scar Tattoos, Wizard Wands